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My Hair Routine

I frequently get asked which hair products I use and I thought it would be nice to (finally!) dedicate a blogpost to my hair routine. I guess I’m kind of lucky with my hair type. My hair doesn’t get greasy fast so I only have to wash it every four or five days. The last few years I have been using more and more natural products. Right now I’m using the Tree in the Bottle shampoo from O’right with organic green tea extract and natural foaming agents. The bottle biodegrades and even leaves a negative carbon footprint! For conditioning I use the O’right green tea moisturizing cream with organic green tea and coconut oil extracts. My number one tip to keep your hair healthy is to not always use the same shampoo and conditioner. Some of my new favorites are the So Pure moisturizing shampoo and hair mask by Keune (both are vegan!). These amazing products really make my hair look healthy and shiny.

When I blowdry my hair, I always end using cold air. And I finish my mini treatment with some nourishing drops of Moroccan Oil. Sometimes I also like to add some drops of the Keune moisturizing essential oil to enhance a rich aromatherapy experience.  I really LOVE it when someone combs my hair and thus a good hair brush is a must have for me. I’m considering buying this Mason Pearson brush, what do you think? Do you have any secrets to keep your hair healthy and shiny?


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