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Meet The Three Sisters

My apologies if you thought you were going to meet my sisters (I only have one sister by the way ;-)). The three Sisters is a famous rock formation in the Blue Mountains, only a couple of hours from Sydney. It’s one of the most popular attractions in New South Wales, or even Australia in general. Most people just drive but we took the train because it’s easy and extremely cheap on Sunday.

We arrived in Katoomba and started walking to the park. Unfortunately it was raining, a lot.
It was cold too, so damn cold I even had to buy a new pair of jeans. Nope, Australia has not always tropic heats and loads of sunshine. It took quite a while to walk to the park and once we arrived at the lookout point we saw… no-thing, it was SO misty we couldn’t see a thing. We ended up spending most of our day waiting for the weather to get better. A few hours later the sky actually started to clear and – thank God – we finally saw the Sisters.












foto 1




Sarah x