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Violet Hamden – The Time Is Now

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“Just take off and see the world. Finding new places. Be aware of the now. The rise of the day, the fall of the night.  Inspired by other people. Get together, you and I.”

There are few brands who really bring a story which I can relate to. Violet Hamden is a Dutch brand which brings pretty watches and matching moon and stones bracelet. Their philosophy is to live here and now and I totally agree.

In previous blogposts I talked several times about the value of time. Life is really going fast these days. Working, blogging, social media, having a real social life, making time for your loved ones, hobbies… Is there really only 24 hours in one day?

A while ago I realised I wasn’t completely happy how I scheduled my days. 3/4 a day I was busy checking my phone, emails or taking pictures for a next blogpost. Something really had to change. I made more time for people I love and my boyfriend made me promise not to use my phone while having breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between. Which – I have to admit – was really hard. I felt like an addict who had to kick off. 🙂

Traveling, a long walk at the beach or in nature, my face in the sun… Small things which make me truely happy. This watch is reminding me how fast it all goes. That’s why I never lose sight of time and what’s réally important. Nice quotes, dreams or things you should never forget you can write in the journal which comes together with the watch. You’ll find your watch, bracelet and journal in a ‘time capsule’. It’s a little blue box where you can keep some small souvenirs of precious moments.

I’m wearing the Day and Night Rose Rocky Beach Taupe. You can shop Violet Hamden also at the Brandfield webshop


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