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How To Keep That Summer Feeling Through Fall

(Unfortunately) Summer’s coming to an end and today I would like to share my tips on getting that summer feeling through fall. Here we go!

  1. Do something crazy. Maybe all you need to do to keep that ‘summer freedom feeling’ is do something crazy. Take a long weekend, put a crazy destination into your gps and let the adventure begin! Don’t forget to drive safe and put your phone into a good in-car phone holder (shop my fave), so you can concentrate on the road – and the adventure!
  2. Don’t we all want to keep our holiday tan as long as possible? A fake tan can’t replace the Vitamin D we obtain from sun exposure, but it really gives you that beautiful just-stepped-off-the-plane look.
  3. You will be spending less and less time outside. For me fall is the perfect time of the year to print some holiday pictures. While printing pictures may sound a bit old school, it’s fun to look back at those great moments in a non digital way. Recently I’ve printed a photo on canvas from our trip to Ecuador and every time I enter our house and look at it, I automatically start smiling. 🙂 Photo on canvas via
  4. Plan a trip to paradise. I am probably not the only person daydreaming about a holiday every now and then. Keep in mind there are many discounts if you book your next vacation early. Paradise, here we come?!