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Sunday Afternoon in Autumn

There are times I want to discover new places, go out till dawn and have fun all the time. There are other times too. Times when the world feels overwhelming. Times I just want to watch silly TV shows all day and tuck myself into bed early. With the leaves falling off the trees and raindrops hitting the window, I like to be in my safe surroundings. Spending most of my day in bed in my favorite Charlie Choe gingerbread nightshirt. Watching my new favorite Netflix series Strangers Things (any other fans out there? :-)). Drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee (recently Starbucks brought their own Espresso Cups on the market, so no need to go out when you don’t want to!) and enjoying a piece of chocolate (I would definitely recommend the Godiva Gold Discovery collection with some classics and innovative chocolate flavours!).

I know I need some fresh air from time to time though. I love going to the woods. Either on my own to clear my mind, or with my boyfriend to make plans for the future. This season is just so beautiful because of all the different colours nature offers. Now I’d like to know: how do you like to spend your Sunday?