Hungary, Wanderlust

Winter Citytrip to Budapest

My boyfriend gave me a surprise trip for Christmas. The only thing he told me was that we would be going in February and I would have to dress warm. I had no clue where we would be going, what I had to pack and if we were going to fly or drive to our destination. I thought we would end up going to The Netherlands or France maybe, but no… My boyfriend booked a trip to Hungary. We were going to explore Budapest!

I heard a lot of great things about Budapest so I was both very happy and very curious to go there myself. The city is best known for its scenic setting (the river Danube splits the city approximately in half) and amazing food (goulash, anyone?). The weather was not too bad either. The first day it rained cats and dogs but once the sun started to shine the cold was actually bearable. I was very impressed by the amazing architecture everywhere; if you take a look at the pictures you’ll understand why! 🙂

I’m working on a blogpost with some must do’s when visiting Budapest, stay tuned for that one! For now, make yourself a big cup of cocoa and enjoy my travel pictures!