Spain, Wanderlust

Discovering the treasures of Segovia

After exploring Madrid and Toledo, we went on a day trip to Segovia. It is very easy to reach Segovia by bus from Madrid and you can just buy your ticket before you board the bus. To be fair I had never heard about this city before our trip to Spain so didn’t really know what to expect. We quickly learned Segovia has a rich cultural heritage. The ancient Roman aquaduct is considered the main attraction and when you stand in front of it, you’ll understand why. The aquaduct is incredible majestic and really takes your breath away. I always say history class would have been so much more interesting if we could have visited real ruins like this. 🙂

Segovia is more than an aquaduct though. The city has many churches, some fairy tale castles and an impressive cathedral in late Gothic style to explore. While discovering this historic old town, do not forget to grab a bite in one of the many Spanish restaurants. Me gusta!