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One night and one day in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to join the #bloggersroom. Our mission: Explore Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, a city located on the Belgian coast. The Belgian coast brings back so many beautiful memories so I was obviously thrilled to go. If you’re ever going to visit Koksijde I can now recommend you some fun activities and some great places to eat!



Summer is over but even in fall and winter there is always something to do or see at the beach. We went for a long walk (taking in the sea air)  and enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa afterwards. After checking in at our hotel we had dinner at Bistronomie Eglantier. We enjoyed a three meal course, a vegetarian menu for me and a non-vegetarian for my boyfriend. I don’t think they placed the vegetarian option on their menu, but if you mention your food preference, they sure will make you some delish food.






After a good night’s sleep we went to Ten Bogaerde Arts Centre. Ten Bogaerde is located in a former abbey that was turned into a military camp during World War II. Outside the arts centre you will find several works of Belgian sculptor George Grard. Grard lived most of his life in a village near Koksijde and is considered one of the biggest Belgian sculptors. We also had a look at the modern art displayed in the former abbey. I really loved how well the vibes of the modern and conceptual art somehow really matched with the rich history of the abbey. 



We had lunch at Kantine, a breakfast-lunch-coffee bar where you can enjoy some healthy food in a nice atmosphere. Next to Kantine you will find Kabine, a cute little shop where you can buy some fun gifts or some (interior) pieces for your little one. Check out their webshop here.




The last stop of our trip was Wulpen. We rented a little motor boat in the village and prepared ourselves for quite an adventure (check my InstaStories to see more!). It was my very first time piloting a boat like this and we had a lot of fun. In some weird way it was very romantic, even though it was raining all the time. 

Sadly this was the last stop of our weekend. Bye bye Koksijde, till we meet again!

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