About me



Hi there!


My name is Sarah and I’m a twenty-something girl from Belgium with a passion for fashion. I also love to travel. In 2015 my boyfriend and I decided to leave everything behind and explore the world for a bit. We ended up visiting 18 countries and it definitely was a fantastic adventure. To have a look at our travel stories you can click on the “Wanderlust” button.

I have a passion for traveling but that doesn’t mean I don’t love being home. I simply can’t imagine life without brunching, eating chocolate and my sweet boyfriend. Under the “Inspiration” tab you can find my favorite local and international places to eat and shop, new brands I discovered, some beauty tips, my favorite beauty products and last but not least, some personal columns about things that keep me awake.


I really like interacting with my readers, so feel free to hit the reply button at the end of every post for comments or questions. You can also contact me at sarah@palmtreesandheels.com